Thursday, October 28, 2010


Oh, when he knocks, so crassly,
Everyday, on my window,
I wake,
I run,
I slog,
I think,
I perform,
I criticize,
I fume,
I envy,
I pity,
I empathise,
I hustle,
I starve,
I cook,
I feed,
I laugh,
I please,
I cry,
I grumble,
I pamper,
I discipline,
I suffer,
I delight,
I love,
I rebel,
I crave,
I give.

Not today though,
He comes knocking, as always
But I wink.
“Its Saturday” I say,
Turnover in bed, and close the blinds.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Enlighten Me!!!

When does one know what she is supposed to do with her life? Will there be a sudden flash of light and everything would be clear from that point on? Coz im waiting for that day...

I chose the road im travelling in right now. No one forced me into this journey. Bt now I stop and think, 'is this the right path for me?'. Im in the middle of thousands like me, id like to think, but now i wonder... do i have what it takes to be known as someone who did something in the feild of my choice?? I defenitely have my doubts.

I look around me and see 3 kinds of people.
First , the lucky ones, people who have their path laid out in front of them, who know what they want and how they would get there. If not not in the long run, atleast have a short-term strategy.

Then there are those who dont give a damn. They do what they have to and wait for life to bowl the next doosra. They dont try to think if they would hit a boundary or will be clean bowled.

And finally the 3rd kind. People like me who dont know where they are going. But want to so desperately that they never stop searching themselves for that talent which would MAKE them the news.

It is not all about the money. It is never always about the money. It is the satisfaction that you are doing what you want to do, inspite of everything and everyone who said you coundnt do it, and doing it good that you have made a name for yourself. It is that spotlight it is that glory. It is that acknowlegement that we were worth it is what we are after.

So coming back to the question. What is my talent? When do i know about it? How do i find it? Im waiting for that moment of enlightment..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Right & Wrong

What is right and wrong??

Who decides what is right and wrong??How do we decide that this is the right thing to
do and that isn't?
Right and wrong are relative terms. What is right for one person may be wrong for another.
They say that, that is why we have laws and rules and leaders-to standardise the "rights"
and "wrongs", right from the begining of civilization.
But what when laws cannot explain the corectness of something.. Thats is when customs and
traditions come in. They are smokescreens and blindfolds telling us what not to do, and what is allowed. Over the years a logic and reason was developed for every tradition and each inividual trained from birth to adhere to that tradition. And what better way to train, than by creating a sense of fear.
You ask me.. i would say there is no right and wrong. If you are keen on spliting people into
groups..i would rather split them as those who dare to be who they are... and those who lack the guts.
We want to do a lotta things. But we dont have the guts to go ahead and do it..we don want to go
against the system.. thats when we hide behind the convinience of tradition and custom and
allow ourselves to loose our real identity and rot mentally with the rest of the world.
God help Us....
Or maybe He wants us to be this way..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

y we ask for reservation?

Elections come with promises...promises give hope...and who else can be more vulnerable to that emotion... women.. . and one promise that tempts any woman is an assured presence in a given is it right to ASK for a position??.. especially now when women are considered to be equal to men in many aspects...

The key word is in the phrase though is not equal... it is considered...

it is but an illlusion... an excuse to mask reality... what happens in reality is the knowing exclusion of the feminine gender from any activity that could cause 'inconvinience' to the progestrone nurtured ego of men... Competition is one thing but the deprivation of oppurtunity just because the idea of a girl in a certain situation is deemed inappropriate or much worse irksome, is quite another..

so what do we do to change our current situation? should we change the attitude of men... who have never missed a chance to belittle a woman of calibre or should we make a stand and be 'THE inconvience' they aldready perceive us to be.

we ask for reservation coz...

the laziness of men is not an excuse to deprive a woman of her oppurtunity....

the ego of men is not a tool to toy a woman's emotion with...

the incapability of men should not be hidden behind the veil 'its not for women'.

we ask for reservation not to grab a chunck of the cake, but to get a fair chance to have a bite.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Missin yall

Millions of voices heard… thousands of people met…hundreds of faces remembered… but only a handful valued and cherished… we call em friends… they teach you, they learn from you, they give u wisdom, they talk nonsense, they love you, they fight with you…they are your antithesis and your soul mates….
So much could be said about those wishful companions in the drudgeries of this super- game called life… There is so much fun and excitement out there in the world… some don see it coz they loose touch with those who can show it to them….
I hav a few good ones too… they were the beacon of light in the dark tunnel… I started believing in luck after meeting them.. Coz wen evryone around me were wandering clueless I had people to tolerate me gamely through those critical years, without causing any permanent damage…
The question of how strong our relationship is, is irrelevant… what matters more is the influence each had on the others… each one had something to offer, some indelible impression upon others… I was never guarded while I was around them.. Maybe that’s why I listened and learned from them…..
I had a few unique specimens for friends…
one willingly demonstrates herself as an obstinate bitch while shes actually very fragile and deeply sensitive at heart…
there is another who is actually indifferent towards emotions and is brave at heart but protrays an image of vulnerability and empathy…
there is one who always thinks she knows what she is doing while she actually dosent, she is good at everything she does but is lazy to pursue any of em…
one keeps to herself most of the time but explodes like a bomb when she decides to open up…
one never hesitates to laugh, even at times of adversity….
One who goes on with life as though nothing else happened around her…
one tried her best to be taken seriously, but never achieved the feat…
one could see through everyone's external appearances which brought more misery to her than inconvenience to the others…
One who is the reincarnation of my mother or rather my mother-in-law…
Everyone had their defects… but it was those inadequacies that taught us the importance of each other… a sense of oneness , developed from our shortfalls…
Its been a year almost, since we left our ‘temple of learning’ and went our different ways… I look back and don’t regret a single moment of it…we had wished for a better situation when we were together. But now it seems lik there could hav been nothing better…
We are mature enough to take life head-on… each of us can stand-out in a crowd in our own way… each one is wiser and better equipped with life skills than most…each has the drive and passion to do well in what we want to do…in short none of us ever turned into the girly-girl everyone expected us to do…
That’s why I miss em all the more these days…